angular 11 features

Angular 11 Features

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that is used for building web and mobile applications. The latest version of Angular, Angular 11, was released in November 2020. Some of the key features of Angular 11 include:

Faster Builds

The Angular team has made several improvements to the build process in Angular 11, resulting in faster build times. This is achieved through an improved differential loading process that only loads the necessary polyfills for each browser, resulting in smaller file sizes and faster load times.

Updated Language Service

The Angular 11 language service has been updated with better type checking and improved performance. This makes it easier for developers to write code and catch errors early on in the development process.

Automatic Font Inlining

With Angular 11, you no longer need to manually inline your fonts. The Angular team has added automatic font inlining, which means that fonts will be automatically inlined when using the Angular CLI.

Improved Hot Module Replacement

Hot module replacement (HMR) is a feature that allows developers to update code in real-time without having to refresh the browser. In Angular 11, the HMR experience has been improved with better error handling and support for more types of updates.

Ivy Improvements

Ivy is the new rendering engine that was introduced in Angular 9. In Angular 11, the Angular team has made several improvements to Ivy, including better type checking, improved debugging support, and better performance.

    <div class="features">
            <li>Faster Builds</li>
            <li>Updated Language Service</li>
            <li>Automatic Font Inlining</li>
            <li>Improved Hot Module Replacement</li>
            <li>Ivy Improvements</li>

These are just a few of the many features that Angular 11 offers. If you are a developer who is looking to build web or mobile applications, then Angular 11 is definitely worth considering.

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