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Welcome to my blog The Poor Coder. Here you can find hackerrank Solutions and various programming tutorials on NodeJs, VueJs, Python, Javascript, HTML and more.
Beeze Aal

List Comprehension vs Generator Expressions in Python

A list comprehension does the same thing that a generator expression does, however there are some minute differences between these too. Here's how we write list comprehension [expression for item in list]And here's how we write an expression generator (expression for item in list)Usage example of list comprehension
Beeze Aal

Python cipher phrase decryption

Create a python program which takes a cipher word as input and returns its decrypted phrase
Beeze Aal

Which programming language to choose as a beginner?

As someone who have just planned to enter into programming world, we quite often get confused which programming language to learn or start with because of the availability of so many different programming languages.
Beeze Aal

JS reduce vs map vs foreach vs for loop

Which is the fastest method among reduce vs map vs foreach vs for loop?
Beeze Aal

Finding the sum of an array of numbers in JavaScript

There are few different ways to find the sum of array of numbers in Javascript Using for loopThe easiest and fastest option. var array = [5, 7, 6 ,3 ,2]; var sum = 0; for(var i=0; i<array.length;i++){ sum+= array[i] } console.log(sum); Using foreach loopvar
Beeze Aal

How to copy and paste in centos PuTTY

If you are struggling trying to figure out how to copy and paste in putty terminal when connected to centos / ubuntu server, then you have come to the right place. It's quite easy to copy paste in PuTTY Do the following steps when you want to copy from your pc
Beeze Aal

Search for required tags in a website using python requests and beautiful soup

Using python, we will find out whether there is a html table in the list of urls we have
Beeze Aal

Generating random student marks and plotting to graph in Python

Q. Write a program that does the following define a function to generate 1000 integer number randomly between 0 and 100, and save them in a file call it 'data.dat'.define a function to read the file contents and count the number of numbers that fall in each range
Beeze Aal

How to use moment js in Vue component

4 different ways to use moment js in a Vue component.
Beeze Aal

How to square a number in javascript

The most basic way to square a number in JavaScript is to multiply the number my itself. But there's two more.
Beeze Aal

How to programmatically exit a python program

Normally a python program will exit automatically when the program ends. But some situations may arise when we would want to exit the program on meeting a condition or maybe we want to exit our program after a certain period of time.
Beeze Aal

How Long Does It Take to Learn JavaScript?

Many people find it easy to learn CSS and HTML. But when it comes to learning Javascript they find it hard to learn it.