How to square a number in javascript
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How to square a number in javascript

The most basic way to square a number in JavaScript is to multiply the number my itself. But there's two more.
How to square a number in javascript

Squaring a number is basic Mathematics. You should be able to solve it easily. Anyways if you are just lurking around or finding some tricky way to do that. Here are 3 different ways on how to square a number in JavaScript.

1. Multiply the number by itself

The most basic way to square a number in both in mathematics and JavaScript is to multiply the number my itself.

It's similar to how you write it in Mathematics. In mathematics you write it as

5x5 = 25

In JavaScript, there is a slight difference, that is, the multiplication operator is * instead of x.

You just have to replace the x with * to do multiplication in JavaScript. Pretty simple!


The above code will print return 25.

Let us define a function to do that

function squared(number) { return number*number } 

Use case


2. Using exponentiation

I assume you are familiar with exponents and power. In mathematics we write something like this

This gives us 4.

Unfortunately my keyboard doesn't know how to write that small 2 at the top. I had to copy the number from google just to show you. That's troublesome! So we prefer to do it the easy way in JavaScript

In JavaScript, we write it as


Function definition

function squared(number) { return number**2 }

Use case is the same as above


Note: Though * means multiplication ** doesn't mean double multiplication. It's a convention for power in JavaScript.

3. Using the inbuilt math object

In JavaScript we have a inbuilt Math library which is very useful for various mathematical operations such as rounding of value, finding the value of PI, Square root etc

It also includes a power function. Since the function is inbuilt in Math object you don't have to define a function. Use case is as follows

console.log(Math.pow(8, 2))  // prints 64 which 8 to the power 2

That's it. You  have learnt all the 3 ways to square a number in JavaScript.

To know more about JavaScript Math library visit here.

Let me know in the comments if you have some other way of squaring a number in JavaScript.

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