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How to Remove Cookies in Angular 8

Removing cookies in Angular 8 can be done using the ngx-cookie-service package.

Start by installing the package using npm:

npm install ngx-cookie-service --save

Step 2: Import CookieService

In your component, import the CookieService from ngx-cookie-service:

// Import CookieService
import { CookieService } from 'ngx-cookie-service';

You also need to inject the service in your component constructor:

constructor(private cookieService: CookieService) { }

Step 3: Remove Cookies

To remove a cookie in Angular 8, use the delete method of the CookieService:

// Remove a cookie

If you want to remove all cookies, use the deleteAll method:

// Remove all cookies

You can also remove a cookie with a specific path or domain:

// Remove a cookie with path and domain
this.cookieService.delete('cookieName', '/path', '');

Note that if you remove a cookie with a specific path or domain, you need to use the same path and domain when setting the cookie.


Removing cookies in Angular 8 is easy using the ngx-cookie-service package. You can remove cookies with a specific name, all cookies, or cookies with a specific path or domain. Make sure to import the CookieService and inject it in your component constructor before using it.

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