Cannot start nuxt: Cannot find module 'node_modules/vue-i18n/dist/vue-i18n.mjs'

Cannot start nuxt: Cannot find module 'node_modules/vue-i18n/dist/vue-i18n.mjs'

If you are facing the error 'Cannot start nuxt: Cannot find module 'node_modules/vue-i18n/dist/vue-i18n.mjs'' while trying to start your Nuxt.js project, then do not worry as this is a common issue and can be easily resolved.

Possible Causes

  • Missing or corrupted vue-i18n module
  • Incorrect path specified in import statement
  • Version mismatch between vue-i18n and Nuxt.js


Here are some of the solutions that you can try:

1. Reinstall vue-i18n module

This is the most common solution that works in most cases. Simply reinstall the vue-i18n module using the following command:

npm install vue-i18n

If you are using Yarn, then use the following command:

yarn add vue-i18n

This will install the latest version of vue-i18n module in your project.

2. Check import statement

Make sure that you are importing the vue-i18n module correctly in your code. The import statement should be something like this:

import VueI18n from 'vue-i18n'

If you have specified an incorrect path, then you will get the 'Cannot find module' error. Double-check your import statement.

3. Check version compatibility

If you have installed the latest version of vue-i18n, but still getting the error, then it might be a version compatibility issue. Check the version of vue-i18n that is compatible with your Nuxt.js version. You can find this information in the Nuxt.js documentation.

If you are still facing the error after trying all the above solutions, then it might be a more complex issue. In that case, you can try reaching out to the Nuxt.js community or hiring a developer to help you resolve the issue.

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