clear timeout js

Clear Timeout JS

Timeouts are a mechanism in JavaScript that allow you to delay the execution of a piece of code. If you have set a timeout and want to clear it before it executes, you can use the window.clearTimeout() method.



The timeoutID parameter is the ID of the timeout you want to clear. This ID is returned by the window.setTimeout() method.


// Set a timeout
var timeoutID = setTimeout(function() {
  alert('Hello world!');
}, 1000);

// Clear the timeout

In this example, we set a timeout to display an alert after 1 second. However, before the timeout can execute, we clear it using the window.clearTimeout() method.

Multiple Ways:

  • You can also use the clearInterval() method to clear a timeout. However, this method is intended for clearing intervals created with the window.setInterval() method.
  • You can pass a function reference to the window.clearTimeout() method instead of the timeout ID. This function will then be used as a callback when the timeout is cleared.

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