débogueur javascript

débogueur javascript

A JavaScript debugger (also known as a debouncer) is a tool used to find and fix errors in JavaScript code. It is used to identify and resolve issues related to runtime code execution. It helps to debug code by tracking the execution of code line-by-line and providing detailed information about the code and its state at any given point in time. It can be used to detect syntax errors, logical errors, and bugs in the code. In addition, it can also help in providing information about the code’s performance and memory usage.

The primary features of a JavaScript debugger include:

  • Setting breakpoints in the code, so that execution of the code can be paused when a certain breakpoint is reached.
  • Inspecting variables and object properties to view their current values.
  • Stepping through code line-by-line to determine which lines cause errors or other undesired results.
  • Profiling the code to identify areas which can be optimized.
  • Monitoring the performance and memory usage of code to identify resource hogs.

A JavaScript debugger can be used to quickly identify and resolve errors in a piece of code. It also helps to optimize code and ensure that it is running smoothly. Ultimately, it helps to ensure that the code is as efficient and bug-free as possible.

// Example of a breakpoint
function myFunction() {
  console.log('Inside myFunction');
  // Add a breakpoint here
  console.log('Done with myFunction');

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