decorators in javascript

Decorators in Javascript

Decorators are a feature in Javascript that allows developers to modify or enhance the functionality of a particular object, function or class. These decorators in Javascript are similar to the decorators used in Python, but they work slightly differently.

Using Decorators in Javascript

To use decorators in Javascript, we need to have a basic understanding of higher-order functions. Higher-order functions are functions that take one or more functions as arguments and/or return a function as a result. With higher-order functions, we can create decorators that add extra functionality to our functions or objects.

We can create decorators using the following syntax:

    function decoratorFunction(targetFunction) {
        // Modify targetFunction here
        return modifiedTargetFunction;
    function targetFunction() {
        // Original function
    targetFunction = decoratorFunction(targetFunction);

In this example, we have a decorator function decoratorFunction that takes a target function as an argument. Inside the decorator function, we modify the target function and return the modified version. We then call the decorator function with our original target function targetFunction and assign the result back to targetFunction.

We can also use the ES6 syntax for decorators:

    function targetFunction() {
        // Original function

In this example, we use the @decoratorFunction syntax to apply the decorator to our targetFunction.

Examples of Decorators in Javascript

Here are some examples of how we can use decorators in Javascript:

  • Logging Decorator: We can create a logging decorator that logs the arguments and return value of a function.
  • Timing Decorator: We can create a timing decorator that calculates the time taken to execute a function.
  • Validation Decorator: We can create a validation decorator that checks if the arguments passed to a function are valid.

Overall, decorators in Javascript are a powerful tool that can help us add extra functionality to our code in a modular and reusable way.

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