discord js clear message from id

How to clear a message from a Discord channel using its ID in Discord.js?

If you are a Discord bot developer using Discord.js, you might want to clear a message from a channel programmatically. In this case, you can use the MessageManager#delete() method of the TextChannel class. Here's how:

Step 1: Fetch the message with its ID

You need to fetch the message object from Discord first. You can do this using the TextChannel#messages.fetch() method, which returns a promise that resolves to a Message object. You can pass the message ID as an argument to this method.

const channel = client.channels.cache.get('channel_id');
const message = await channel.messages.fetch('message_id');

Replace channel_id with the ID of the channel where the message was sent, and message_id with the ID of the message you want to delete.

Step 2: Delete the message

Once you have the Message object, you can delete it using its delete() method. This method returns a promise that resolves when the message is deleted.

await message.delete();

This will delete the message from the channel. Note that you need to have the MANAGE_MESSAGES permission in the channel to be able to delete messages.

Alternative: Bulk delete messages from a channel

If you want to delete multiple messages from a channel, you can use the TextChannel#bulkDelete() method. This method takes an array of message IDs as an argument and deletes them in bulk. Note that this method can only delete messages that are not older than 14 days.

const channel = client.channels.cache.get('channel_id');
const messages = ['message_id1', 'message_id2', 'message_id3'];
await channel.bulkDelete(messages);

Replace channel_id with the ID of the channel where the messages were sent, and message_id1, message_id2, and message_id3 with the IDs of the messages you want to delete.


In this article, we have learned how to clear a message from a Discord channel using its ID in Discord.js. We have also seen how to bulk delete messages from a channel. These methods can be useful for Discord bot developers who need to manage messages in their bots.

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