dynamiv image change js

Dynamic Image Change with JS

If you want to change images dynamically based on user interactions, JavaScript (JS) is the way to go. There are multiple ways to achieve this, but I will explain two commonly used methods.

Method 1: Using getElementById()

In this method, we use the getElementById() method to get the <img> element and then change its src attribute based on user interactions.

<img id="myImage" src="defaultImage.jpg">

//JS code
function changeImage() {
  var image = document.getElementById("myImage");
  image.src = "newImage.jpg";

In the above example, when the changeImage() function is called, it gets the <img> element with ID "myImage" and changes its source to "newImage.jpg".

Method 2: Using Event Listeners

In this method, we add event listeners to HTML elements and then use JS to change the image when the event is triggered.

<img id="myImage" src="defaultImage.jpg">
<button id="myButton">Change Image</button>

//JS code
document.getElementById("myButton").addEventListener("click", function() {
  document.getElementById("myImage").src = "newImage.jpg";

In the above example, we add an event listener to the <button> element with ID "myButton". When it is clicked, the anonymous function changes the source of the <img> element with ID "myImage" to "newImage.jpg".

Both methods are effective, but the second method is more flexible as it allows you to add multiple event listeners to the same element and change the image based on different events.

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