electron setInterval stops issue

Electron setInterval Stops Issue

As an Electron developer, you might have faced the issue where setInterval stops working after a few minutes or hours. This issue can be frustrating as it affects the functionality of your app. Let's discuss why this issue occurs and how to fix it.

Why does setInterval Stop working in Electron?

The main reason why setInterval stops working in Electron is due to the garbage collector. When the garbage collector runs, it frees up memory that is no longer in use. If the function that is being called by setInterval is not held in memory, the garbage collector will remove it, and setInterval will stop working.

How to Fix setInterval Stops working issue in Electron?

There are two ways to fix this issue:

  • Method 1: Use arrow functions
  • Method 2: Use bind()

Method 1: Use arrow functions

Using arrow functions is a simple way to fix the setInterval stops working issue in Electron. Arrow functions inherit the outer context, and hence, they don't get garbage collected. Let's see an example:

let intervalId = setInterval(() => {
  // Your code here
}, 1000);

In this example, we are using an arrow function to define the function that gets called by setInterval. This function will not get garbage collected as it is held in memory by the outer context.

Method 2: Use bind()

The second method to fix the setInterval stops working issue in Electron is to use the bind() method. The bind() method creates a new function that has the same body as the original function but a different this value. Let's see an example:

function myFunction() {
  // Your code here

let intervalId = setInterval(myFunction.bind(this), 1000);

In this example, we are using the bind() method to bind myFunction to the outer context. This will prevent it from getting garbage collected and hence, setInterval will continue to work.


The setInterval stops working issue in Electron is a common problem faced by many developers. It can be fixed by using arrow functions or the bind() method. By using these methods, you can ensure that the function called by setInterval is held in memory and not garbage collected.

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