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What is GatsbyJS shop Flotiq?

GatsbyJS is a free and open-source framework based on React that can be used for building blazing fast websites and web applications. It is designed to be highly performant by generating static HTML files and providing preloading of pages, resulting in faster load times and better user experience.

Flotiq, on the other hand, is a headless CMS that lets developers create and manage content without worrying about the presentation layer. It provides a REST API to access the content, which can be used by any front-end framework or application.

Combining GatsbyJS and Flotiq

The combination of GatsbyJS and Flotiq creates a powerful solution for building fast, dynamic websites with rich content. GatsbyJS can be used to generate static HTML files from the content stored in Flotiq, making it easy to create blazing fast websites without sacrificing the flexibility of a dynamic CMS.

  const fetch = require('node-fetch')

  exports.createPages = async ({ actions: { createPage } }) => {
    const response = await fetch('')
    const contentType = await response.json()

      path: '/your-content-type',
      component: require.resolve('./src/templates/your-content-type.js'),
      context: {

The integration between GatsbyJS and Flotiq is made possible through plugins that enable developers to pull data from Flotiq into GatsbyJS. The gatsby-source-flotiq plugin allows developers to fetch data from Flotiq using GraphQL queries and use it to generate pages in GatsbyJS.

Using the gatsby-source-flotiq plugin, it is possible to fetch data from Flotiq and create pages in GatsbyJS dynamically based on the content. This makes it easy to create rich, dynamic websites that are highly performant and easy to maintain.


In conclusion, GatsbyJS shop Flotiq is a powerful combination for building fast, dynamic websites with rich content. By combining the power of GatsbyJS with the flexibility of Flotiq, developers can build blazing-fast websites that are easy to maintain and provide a great user experience.

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