get dynamic value in jquery

To get dynamic value in jQuery, you can use the .data() method. This method allows you to store custom data associated with selected elements. The .data() method makes it easy to store, retrieve and remove data for any DOM element. Let's say you have an HTML element with a data-attribute, like this: You can store the data-name attribute into a variable using the .data() method like this:

var dataName = $('div').data('name');

Now the variable 'dataName' holds the value of "Raju". You can then use this variable in other parts of your jQuery code. You can also set the value of data-attributes using the .data() method. For example,

$('div').data('name', 'John');

This code will set the data-name attribute of the div element to the value of "John". You can also use the .removeData() method to remove the data associated with an element. For example,


This code will remove the data-name attribute from the div element. In a nutshell, the .data() method makes it easy to get and set dynamic values in jQuery.

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