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How to focus on a div in HTML

If you want to focus on a specific div element in HTML, you can use the tabindex attribute and the focus() method.

Using tabindex

You can add a tabindex attribute to the div element, which specifies the order in which elements are focused when the user presses the Tab key. When the div element has focus, you can apply styles or perform other actions using JavaScript.

<div tabindex="0">
  <p>This div can be focused.</p>

Using focus() method

You can also use the focus() method to programmatically focus on a div element. This method can be used with an event listener or within a function.

<div id="myDiv">
  <p>This is my div.</p>


In the above example, the getElementById() method is used to select the div element with the ID "myDiv". The focus() method is then called on that element to give it focus.

If you have multiple div elements and you want to focus on a specific one, you can select it using other methods such as querySelector() or getElementsByClassName().

These are some of the ways you can focus on a div element in HTML. Remember that focusing on a div element can be helpful for accessibility purposes, so it's always good to make sure your website is accessible to all users!

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