git workflow


Git Workflow

As a developer, Git is an essential tool for version control and collaboration on code projects. But what is Git workflow, and how does it work?


Git workflow is a set of guidelines for how to use Git in a team environment. It outlines the steps and processes that developers should follow to ensure that changes to code are managed effectively and collaboratively. There are many different Git workflows, but the most commonly used is the centralized workflow.

Centralized Workflow

In a centralized workflow, there is a central repository that all developers contribute to. The workflow typically follows these steps:

  • Clone the central repository to your local machine using the git clone command.
  • Create a branch for your changes using the git branch command.
  • Make changes to your code in the branch.
  • Push your changes to the central repository using the git push command.
  • Create a pull request to merge your changes into the main codebase.
  • Review the pull request with other developers and merge it if it is approved.

This workflow allows for easy collaboration and version control, as all changes are made in branches and reviewed before being merged into the main codebase. It also enables developers to work on multiple features simultaneously without interfering with each other's work.

Other Workflows

There are other Git workflows that may be more suitable for certain projects or teams. For example, the feature branch workflow involves creating a branch for each new feature, and the gitflow workflow involves using specific branch names and versioning conventions to manage releases.

Ultimately, the choice of Git workflow depends on the specific needs of your team and project. The important thing is to follow a consistent and transparent process that allows for effective collaboration and version control.

$ git clone
$ git branch my-feature
$ git checkout my-feature
# make changes to code
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "added new feature"
$ git push origin my-feature
# create pull request on GitHub website
# review and merge pull request on GitHub website

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