HackerEarth - Golden rectangles Solution
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HackerEarth - Golden rectangles Solution

HackerEarth - Golden rectangles Solution

You have N rectangles. A rectangle is golden if the ratio of its sides is in between [1.6,1.7], both inclusive. Your task is to find the number of golden rectangles.

Input format

  • First line: Integer N denoting the number of rectangles
  • Each of the N following lines: Two integers W, H denoting the width and height of a rectangle

Output format

  • Print the answer in a single line.



1≤W, H≤109


10 1
165 100
180 100
170 100
160 100




There are three golden rectangles: (165, 100), (170, 100), (160, 100).

Solution in Python

n = int(input())
a = [list(map(int,input().split())) for i in range(n)]
print(sum(1 for i in a if max(i)/min(i)>=1.6 and max(i)/min(i)<=1.7))

Additional Info,

We use max(i)/min(i) so that always the long the longer side gets divided by the smaller side. That is, either (100,120) or (120,100) our division will be 120/100.

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