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Hackerrank - Connecting Towns Solution

Hackerrank - Connecting Towns Solution

Beeze Aal
Beeze Aal

Gandalf is travelling from Rohan to Rivendell to meet Frodo but there is no direct route from Rohan (T1) to Rivendell (Tn).

But there are towns T2,T3,T4...Tn-1 such that there are N1 routes from Town T1 to T2, and in general, Ni routes from Ti to Ti+1 for i=1 to n-1 and 0 routes for any other Ti to Tj for j ≠ i+1

Find the total number of routes Gandalf can take to reach Rivendell from Rohan.

Gandalf has to pass all the towns Ti for i=1 to n-1 in numerical order to reach Tn.
For each Ti , Ti+1 there are only Ni distinct routes Gandalf can take.

Input Format
The first line contains an integer T, T test-cases follow.
Each test-case has 2 lines. The first line contains an integer N (the number of towns).
The second line contains N - 1 space separated integers where the ith integer denotes the number of routes, Ni, from the town Ti to Ti+1

Output Format
Total number of routes from T1 to Tn modulo 1234567

1 <= T<=1000
2< N <=100
1 <= Ni <=1000

Sample Input

1 3
2 2 2

Sample Output


Case 1: 1 route from T1 to T2, 3 routes from T2 to T3, hence only 3 routes.
Case 2: There are 2 routes from each city to the next, at each city, Gandalf has 2 choices to make, hence 2 * 2 * 2 = 8.

Solution in Python

import os
import sys

def connectingTowns(n, routes):
    p = 1
    for route in routes:
    return p%1234567
t = int(input())
for t_itr in range(t):
    n = int(input())
    routes = list(map(int, input().rstrip().split()))
    result = connectingTowns(n, routes)