Hackerrank - Power - Mod Power Solution
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Hackerrank - Power - Mod Power Solution

Hackerrank - Power - Mod Power

So far, we have only heard of Python's powers. Now, we will witness them!

Powers or exponents in Python can be calculated using the built-in power function. Call the power function  as shown below:

>>> pow(a,b) 


>>> a**b

It's also possible to calculate .

>>> pow(a,b,m)  

This is very helpful in computations where you have to print the resultant % mod.

Note: Here,  and  can be floats or negatives, but, if a third argument is present,  cannot be negative.

Note: Python has a math module that has its own pow(). It takes two arguments and returns a float. Frankly speaking, we will never use math.pow().

You are given three integers: , , and , respectively. Print two lines.
The first line should print the result of pow(a,b). The second line should print the result of pow(a,b,m).

Input Format
The first line contains , the second line contains , and the third line contains .


Sample Input


Sample Output


Solution in Python

a,b,c = (int(input()) for i in range(3))
print(pow(a,b), pow(a,b,c), sep="\n")

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