Hackerrank Print Pretty Solution
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Hackerrank Print Pretty Solution

Hackerrank Print Pretty Solution

Your manager gave you a text file with many lines of numbers to format and print. For each row of  space-separated doubles, format and print the numbers using the specifications in the Output Format section below.

Input Format

The first line contains an integer, , the number of test cases.
Each of the  subsequent lines describes a test case as  space-separated floating-point numbers: , , and , respectively.


  • Each number will fit into a double.

Output Format

For each test case, print  lines containing the formatted , , and , respectively. Each , , and  must be formatted as follows:

  1. : Strip its decimal (i.e., truncate it) and print its hexadecimal representation (including the  prefix) in lower case letters.
  2. : Print it to a scale of  decimal places, preceded by a  or  sign (indicating if it's positive or negative), right justified, and left-padded with underscores so that the printed result is exactly  characters wide.
  3. : Print it to a scale of exactly nine decimal places, expressed in scientific notation using upper case.

Sample Input

100.345 2006.008 2331.41592653498

Sample Output



For the first line of output,  (in reverse, ).
The second and third lines of output are formatted as described in the Output Format section.

Solution in cpp

Approach 1.

		/* Enter your code here */
        //cout << "Raw Input: " << A << " " << B << " " << C << endl;
        printf("%#lx\n",(long int)A);
        printf("%.*s%+.2f\n",15 - to_string((int)B).length() - 4,"_______________",B);

Approach 2.

		std::cout << nouppercase << setw(0) << showbase << hex << (int64_t)A << endl;
		std::cout << right << setw(15) << setprecision(2) << showpos << fixed << setfill('_') << B <<endl;
		std::cout << uppercase << setprecision(9) << noshowpos << scientific << C << endl;

Approach 3.

		/* Enter your code here */  

    cout <<showbase << nouppercase << left << hex << long(A) << endl;
    cout << setfill('_') << setw(15) << right << showpos << fixed << setprecision(2) << B << endl;
    cout << noshowpos << scientific << setprecision(9) << uppercase << C << endl;

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