how to disable autonumeric js

How to disable Autonumeric JS?

If you're using Autonumeric JS, you might eventually run into a scenario where you need to disable it. In my case, I was working on a project that required me to disable Autonumeric JS for a specific input field because the client wanted to allow manual input for that field.

Method 1: Use the .off() method

The easiest way to disable Autonumeric JS is to use the .off() method. This method removes all events attached to the element, including Autonumeric JS events.


In this example, I'm first destroying the Autonumeric JS instance on #myInput using the .autoNumeric('destroy') method. Then, I'm using the .off('input') method to remove the input event listener that Autonumeric JS attaches to the element.

Method 2: Use the .autoNumeric('update', options) method

If you only need to temporarily disable Autonumeric JS, you can use the .autoNumeric('update', options) method to update the options for the element. One of the options you can set is watchExternalChanges, which determines whether changes made externally to the element (i.e. not by Autonumeric JS) should be watched and formatted by Autonumeric JS.

$('#myInput').autoNumeric('update', {
  watchExternalChanges: false

In this example, I'm setting watchExternalChanges to false, which will prevent Autonumeric JS from formatting changes made externally to #myInput. This effectively disables Autonumeric JS for that element until the option is set back to true.

Method 3: Use the .autoNumeric('unSet', options) method

If you want to completely remove Autonumeric JS from an element, including its events and options, you can use the .autoNumeric('unSet', options) method. This will remove the data and events associated with Autonumeric JS from the element.


In this example, I'm completely removing Autonumeric JS from #myInput using the .autoNumeric('unSet') method.


These are the three methods I've found to disable Autonumeric JS. Depending on your specific scenario, one of these methods may work better than the others. If you have any other methods or tips, feel free to share them in the comments!

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