how to get author in wordpress api react

How to Get Author in WordPress API React

If you're working with the WordPress API and React, you may need to retrieve author information for a particular post. Fortunately, this is possible using the API's built-in functionality.

Method 1: Using the REST API

The first method involves making a call to the REST API to retrieve the author information. Here's how:

        .then(response => response.json())
        .then(data => {
          const authorId =;
            .then(response => response.json())
            .then(authorData => {

In this code snippet, we're making a call to retrieve the post data using the post ID. We then extract the author ID from the returned data and use it to make a second call to retrieve the author information.

Method 2: Using the WP API Package

If you're using React with WordPress, you may want to consider using the WP API package instead. This package provides an interface for working with the WordPress REST API that is optimized for use with React.

Here's how you can use the WP API package to retrieve author information:

      import { usePost, useUser } from '@wpapi/components';

      // Within your component...
      const { data: postData } = usePost(postId);
      const { data: authorData } = useUser(postData?.author);

Using the usePost and useUser hooks provided by the WP API package, we can retrieve the post data and author information with minimal code.

Both of these methods should work for retrieving author information in React applications that are using the WordPress API. Choose the method that works best for your particular use case.

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