const album1 = {
    userId: 1,
    id: 1,
    title: 'Quidem molestiae enim'

//This code defines an object called "album1" which contains information about a certain album.

//The object contains three properties: userId, id, and title. 
//The userId property refers to the id of the user who is associated with the album. 
//The id property is a unique number that identifies the album itself. 
//The title property is the title of the album.

In this case, the album is called "Quidem molestiae enim". This is a Latin phrase that can be translated to something like "Indeed, there are troubles". It is likely that the album contains songs about hardships and struggles that people go through in life. The userId and id properties are both numerical values that allow us to keep track of which album belongs to which user and which album is which. This allows us to keep our data organized and make sure that each album is uniquely identified. The title property is a string of text that simply holds the title of the album. This allows us to easily read and recognize which album we are dealing with when we are looking through our data. Overall, this code is defining an object that contains information about an album. It is possible to go further and add additional properties to the object, such as a list of songs on the album, the artist, release date, etc. This way, the object can contain more in-depth information about the album.

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