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How to Change a Value in a Separate Module using JavaScript

As a web developer, I have come across situations where I needed to change a value in a separate module using JavaScript. One common scenario is when working with multiple JavaScript files and needing to update a variable or property in one module from another.

Method 1: Using Exports and Imports

The first method involves using the exports and imports statements to share data between modules.

/* module1.js */ 

// Exporting a variable from module1
exports.value = 10; 

/* module2.js */ 

// Importing the exported variable from module1
const module1 = require('./module1'); 

// Updating the exported variable
module1.value = 20; 

In this example, we export a variable value from module1 using exports. We then import the same variable in module2 using require. Finally, we update the value of value.

Method 2: Using Global Variables

The second method involves using global variables to store data that can be accessed and modified from any module.

/* module1.js */ 

// Declaring a global variable
global.value = 10; 

/* module2.js */ 

// Accessing and updating the global variable
value = 20; 

In this example, we declare a global variable value in module1 using global. We can then access and modify the same variable from module2.

Method 3: Using Callbacks

The third method involves using callbacks to pass data between modules.

/* module1.js */ 

// Defining a function that takes a callback
function updateValue(callback) {
  // Updating the value
  let value = 10; 
  value = callback(value); 

/* module2.js */ 

// Calling the function from module1 with a callback
const module1 = require('./module1'); 
module1.updateValue(newValue => {
  // Modifying the value
  return newValue + 10; 

In this example, we define a function updateValue in module1 that takes a callback as a parameter. We then call this function from module2 with a callback function that modifies the value.

These are just a few of the methods that can be used to change a value in a separate module using JavaScript. It is important to choose the method that best suits the requirements of your project and follows best practices.

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