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JavaScript: Pop a Matched Value in Array

Working with arrays is very common in JavaScript. Sometimes, we need to remove a particular value from an array that matches a certain condition. To accomplish this, we can make use of the pop() method in JavaScript.

The pop() Method

The pop() method removes the last element from an array and returns it. However, we can modify this method to remove a particular element from the array if it matches a certain condition.

Let's say we have an array of numbers:

const numbers = [4, 7, 2, 8, 5];

And we want to remove the number 8 from this array. We can use the pop() method in conjunction with other array methods to accomplish this.

const index = numbers.indexOf(8);
if (index > -1) {
  numbers.splice(index, 1);

In the above code, we first find the index of the number 8 in the array using the indexOf() method. If the index is greater than -1, meaning the value exists in the array, we use the splice() method to remove it from the array. The first argument to splice() is the index where we want to start removing elements from, and the second argument is the number of elements we want to remove.

The filter() Method

An alternative approach to removing a matched value from an array is to use the filter() method. This method creates a new array with all elements that pass the test implemented by the provided function. We can use a callback function to check if each element in the array matches our condition and return a new array with all elements except the matched value.

const numbers = [4, 7, 2, 8, 5];
const filteredNumbers = numbers.filter(num => num !== 8);

In the above code, we use an arrow function as the callback function for the filter() method. This function checks if the current element in the array is not equal to 8, and if it is not, it adds it to the new array. The filteredNumbers array will contain all elements from the numbers array except for the matched value, which is 8 in this case.


In conclusion, we can remove a matched value from an array in JavaScript using either the pop() method or the filter() method. The pop() method is useful when we know the index of the element we want to remove, while the filter() method is useful when we want to remove all elements that match a certain condition.

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