js require json

What does "js require json" mean?

When working with JavaScript, there may be times when we need to import data from a JSON file. In order to do this, we use the "require" function in our JavaScript code to load the JSON file.

The Syntax:

const jsonData = require('./data.json');

The above code will import and store the JSON data from the "data.json" file in the "jsonData" variable in our JavaScript code.

Multiple Ways to Achieve This:

  • Using require() Function: This is the most common way to import JSON data in your JavaScript code. Just use the require() function and provide the path of the JSON file you want to import.
  • Using fetch() API: If you are working with modern browsers or a frontend framework like React or Vue.js, you can use the fetch() API to request and get JSON data from an API or a server.
  • Using XMLHttpRequest: If you prefer using vanilla JavaScript, you can use the XMLHttpRequest object to request data from a server and parse it as JSON.


In conclusion, "js require json" simply means importing JSON data in your JavaScript code using the require() function. This is a common and easy way to load and work with JSON data in your JavaScript applications or projects.

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