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Map Dictionary in JavaScript

When working with JavaScript, maps and dictionaries are useful data structures for storing key-value pairs. A Map object holds pairs of keys and their associated values, while a Dictionary object is similar but has some subtle differences in implementation.

Map Object

The Map object is a built-in JavaScript object that allows you to store collections of key-value pairs. The keys can be any type of value, including objects, and the values can be any data type. Here's an example:

// create a new Map object
const myMap = new Map();

// add key-value pairs to the map
myMap.set("name", "Raju");
myMap.set("age", 30);
myMap.set("city", "New York");

// get the value associated with a key
console.log(myMap.get("name")); // output: "Raju"

// check if a key exists in the map
console.log(myMap.has("city")); // output: true

// delete a key-value pair from the map
console.log(myMap); // output: Map(2) {"name" => "Raju", "city" => "New York"}

Dictionary Object

The Dictionary object is not built-in to JavaScript like Map, but can be implemented using JavaScript objects. A dictionary is similar to a map in that it stores key-value pairs, but there are a few differences in implementation:

  • A dictionary is implemented using an object rather than a Map instance.
  • The keys in a dictionary are always strings, while the keys in a Map can be any type of value.
  • The values in a dictionary can be any data type, just like in a Map.

Here's an example implementation of a dictionary in JavaScript:

// create a new object for the dictionary
const myDict = {};

// add key-value pairs to the dictionary
myDict["name"] = "Raju";
myDict["age"] = 30;
myDict["city"] = "New York";

// get the value associated with a key
console.log(myDict["name"]); // output: "Raju"

// check if a key exists in the dictionary
console.log("age" in myDict); // output: true

// delete a key-value pair from the dictionary
delete myDict["age"];
console.log(myDict); // output: Object { "name": "Raju", "city": "New York" }

Both Map and Dictionary objects are useful for storing key-value pairs in JavaScript, but their implementation details differ. Choose the one that fits your needs best!

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