maxscript create new Layer

Maxscript Create New Layer

Creating new layers in Maxscript is a fairly straightforward process. Layers in 3D graphics software are like folders that help organize objects and groups of objects. These layers can be created and manipulated through the use of Maxscript. Here are a few ways to create new layers in Maxscript:

Method 1: Using the Layer Manager

layerManager = maxOps.getLayerManager()
newLayer = layerManager.createLayer "myNewLayer"

In this method, we first get the layer manager object using maxOps.getLayerManager(). We then use the createLayer method to create a new layer with the name "myNewLayer".

Method 2: Using the Layer Interface

newLayer = LayerManager.newLayer() = "myNewLayer"

In this method, we create a new layer object using LayerManager.newLayer(). We then set the layer's name using the name property.

Method 3: Using the Layer Manager and Array

newLayer = LayerManager.newLayer() = "myNewLayer"
layerManager.current = #{newLayer}

This method is similar to Method 2, but we also set the current layer to our new layer object. This means that any objects we create after this point will be automatically assigned to our new layer.

These are just a few of the ways to create new layers in Maxscript. Depending on your specific needs and workflow, you may find one method more useful than the others.

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