module not found: can't resolve 'react' in 'c:\users\pavlos\desktop\reactjs\hwr\reactproject2\src'

Module Not Found: Can't Resolve 'React' in 'C:\Users\Pavlos\Desktop\ReactJS\HWR\ReactProject2\src'

If you are facing this error, it means that your React application is unable to find the 'React' module while trying to import it. This may happen due to various reasons such as:

  • Incorrect path specified in the import statement
  • React not installed in the project
  • Missing dependency in the project

Solution 1: Check the Path Specified in Import Statement

Make sure that you have specified the correct path for the React module while importing it. Check the import statement in your code and verify that the path specified is correct.

import React from 'react'; // Correct path
import React from '../node_modules/react'; // Incorrect path

Solution 2: Install React in the Project

If you have not installed React in your project, you will face this error. To install React, run the following command in your project directory:

npm install react

This will install the latest version of React in your project and resolve the module not found error.

Solution 3: Check for Missing Dependencies

If you have installed React but are still facing the module not found error, it might be due to missing dependencies. Run the following command to check for missing dependencies in your project:

npm audit

This will list all the missing dependencies in your project. Install them using the following command:

npm install

By following these three solutions, you should be able to resolve the module not found error and continue working on your React application.

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