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How to Rename a Property in MongoDB?

If you are working with MongoDB, there may come a time when you need to rename a property. This can be done using the updateOne() method in MongoDB. Here is how you can rename a property:

Step 1: Find the Document

First, you need to find the document that contains the property you want to rename. You can do this using the find() method.

db.collection('myCollection').find({ "oldPropertyName": "value" });

This will return a cursor that points to the document(s) that match the query.

Step 2: Update the Property Name

Next, you need to update the property name. You can do this using the $rename operator. This operator renames a field and its value.

   { "oldPropertyName": "value" },
   { $rename: { "oldPropertyName": "newPropertyName" } }

This will change the property name from oldPropertyName to newPropertyName.

Multiple Ways to Rename a Property

There are multiple ways to rename a property in MongoDB:

  • You can use the updateOne() method as shown above.
  • You can also use the updateMany() method to update multiple documents that contain the property you want to rename.
  • You can use the findAndModify() method to update and return the updated document in one operation.

Choose the method that best suits your needs.

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