new line in js

New Line in JavaScript

When working with JavaScript, it is common to add a new line in your code for clarity or organization purposes. There are a couple of ways to achieve this.

Method 1: Using the \n Escape Character

One way to add a new line in JavaScript is by using the \n escape character. This character represents a line break and can be added to a string to create a new line.

let message = "Hello\nWorld";

This code will output:


Method 2: Using Template Literals

Another way to add a new line in JavaScript is by using template literals. Template literals allow you to embed expressions inside a string and provide an easy way to add line breaks.

let message = `Hello

This code will output the same result as the previous example:


Using template literals makes it easier to include variables or complex expressions in your strings.


Adding a new line in JavaScript can be achieved using the \n escape character or template literals. Choose the method that works best for your code and style.

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