node js quit

Node JS Quit

Have you ever been in a situation where your Node JS application is running and you want to stop it? There are two ways you can quit a Node JS application.

Method 1: Using CTRL + C

The simplest way to quit a Node JS application is by using CTRL + C. When you press CTRL + C, the Node JS process will be terminated, and the terminal will be free again.

Method 2: Using process.exit()

If for some reason, you cannot use CTRL + C to quit your Node JS application, you can use the process.exit() method. This method will terminate the Node JS process and exit the application.


The process.exit() method can also take an exit code as an argument. The exit code is a number that represents the status of the application. A successful exit will have an exit code of 0, while an unsuccessful exit will have a non-zero exit code.


It is important to note that using process.exit() is not recommended in most cases. It is better to let the Node JS process exit naturally.

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