nodemon mpn run start

What is Nodemon?

Nodemon is a tool used by developers to automatically restart the server after making changes in the code. It saves time for developers to manually restart the server every time they make changes in the code.

What is MPN?

MPN stands for Node package manager. It is used for installing packages in Node.js.

What is "nodemon mpn run start" command?

The command "nodemon mpn run start" is used to start the server using nodemon and run the "start" script defined in the package.json file.

Explanation of each part of the command:

  • nodemon - It is a tool that monitors changes in your code and automatically restarts the server when changes are detected.
  • mpn - It is a package manager for Node.js that is used to install dependencies and packages.
  • run - It is used to run a script defined in the package.json file.
  • start - It is a script defined in the package.json file that starts the server.

Example code:

nodemon mpn run start

Alternative ways to start the server:

You can also start the server using the following commands:

  • npm start - This command runs the "start" script defined in the package.json file.
  • node app.js - This command starts the server by running the "app.js" file.

Example code:

npm start

node app.js

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