on enter to tab javascript

Entering a tab in JavaScript can be done by adding an event listener to the input field and detecting the key code of the pressed key. When the key code for the tab is detected, the focus is shifted to the next input field. Here's an example code snippet: ```  Name:    Email:    Message:    const inputs = document.querySelectorAll('input, textarea'); inputs.forEach(input => { input.addEventListener('keydown', e => { if (e.keyCode === 9) { e.preventDefault(); const nextInput = input.nextElementSibling; if (nextInput) { nextInput.focus(); } } }); }); ``` In this code, we select all input and textarea elements on the page and add a keydown event listener to each of them. When the tab key is pressed (keyCode 9), we prevent the default behavior (which is to insert a tab character) and shift focus to the next input field using the nextElementSibling property. Note that this approach only works for plain text input fields and textareas. For more complex elements like contenteditable divs, you may need to write custom logic to handle tabbing.

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