onkeydown angularjs

Onkeydown is an event that is fired when a key is pressed down while an element is focused. It can be used to capture key presses in an application. In AngularJS, this event can be used to capture key presses.

// Bind to the keydown event
element.on('keydown', function(event) {
  var keyCode = event.which || event.keyCode;
  // Do something based on the key code

This code binds an event listener to the keydown event for the given element. The event object passed to the handler contains a which or keyCode property, which contains the code for the key that was pressed. The code can then be used to determine what action should be taken. In addition to the keydown event, there are several other key events that can be used. These include keyup, keypress, and textInput. Each of these events has its own use cases, and can be used to do different things.

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