open ilnk target js

When you want to open a link in a new tab or window using JavaScript, you can use the method with a second argument specifying the target.

Example:"", "_blank");

The second argument "_blank" specifies that the link should be opened in a new window. Other possible values for the target parameter are:

  • "_self": open the link in the same window/tab (this is the default).
  • "_parent": open the link in the parent frame (if the current window is a frame).
  • "_top": open the link in the topmost frame (if the current window is a frame).
  • a custom name: open the link in a named window, which can be reused by later links with the same name.

Example with custom name:"", "myWindow");

You can also set additional options for the new window, such as its size, position, and features (like whether or not it has a status bar). These options are specified as a comma-separated string in the third argument of

Example with options:"", "_blank", "width=500,height=500,status=yes");

Using can be useful when you want to provide a quick way for users to open a link in a new window, without having to right-click and select "Open in new window/tab" from the context menu.

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