phaser place on ellipse

Phaser Place on Ellipse

If you are trying to place your Phaser game object on an elliptical path, then you may want to consider using the following formula:

x = centerX + Math.cos(angle) * a;
y = centerY + Math.sin(angle) * b;


  • centerX and centerY represent the center of your ellipse.
  • a and b represent the length of the semi-major and semi-minor axis of your ellipse respectively.
  • angle represents the angle at which you want to place your object on the ellipse.
  • The Math.cos and Math.sin functions are used to calculate the x and y coordinates of your object respectively.


Suppose you want to place an image of a spaceship on an elliptical path centered at (300, 300) with a semi-major axis of 200 and a semi-minor axis of 150. To make the spaceship move along the elliptical path, you will need to update its position inside the game loop.

// define initial angle
let angle = 0;

function update() {
  // update angle
  angle += 0.01;

  // calculate new position
  let x = 300 + Math.cos(angle) * 200;
  let y = 300 + Math.sin(angle) * 150;

  // set new position
  spaceship.x = x;
  spaceship.y = y;

This code will make the spaceship move along the elliptical path with a constant angular velocity of 0.01 radians per frame.

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