querySelectorAll checked js

querySelectorAll checked js

The querySelectorAll method allows us to select multiple elements from the DOM based on a given CSS selector. It returns a NodeList containing all elements that match the given selector. We can then iterate through the NodeList to get each element. The syntax for querySelectorAll is very simple:

let elementList = document.querySelectorAll('.checked.js');

The above line of code will select all elements with the "checked" and "js" classes and store them in a NodeList named "elementList". We can then iterate through this NodeList using a loop. For example, we can use a for loop to access each element:

let elementList = document.querySelectorAll('.checked.js');
for (let element of elementList) {
  // do something with each element

Using this approach, we can easily select multiple elements from the DOM and apply a set of operations to each one. This is very useful in cases where we need to process or manipulate multiple elements in the same way.

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