react conditional classname

React Conditional Classname

React is a popular front-end JavaScript library that is widely used to build user interfaces. One of the common tasks in building a UI with React is to conditionally apply CSS classes to an element based on some condition. This is where React Conditional Classname comes into play.

Using Conditional Operator

The easiest and most straightforward way of applying conditional classname in React is by using the ternary operator. Here's an example:

<div className={isActive ? 'active' : 'inactive'}>
    <p>This is a React Component</p>

In this example, the classname applied to the div element depends on the value of the isActive variable. If it's true, the class 'active' will be applied, otherwise, the class 'inactive' will be applied.

Using classNames Package

Another popular approach for conditional classname in React is by using the classNames package from npm. This package provides an easy way to conditionally apply classes in a more concise and readable way.

To use the classNames package, first, you need to install it using the following command:

npm install classnames

After installing the package, you can use it in your React component as follows:

import classNames from 'classnames';

<div className={classNames('button', {active: isActive})}>
    <p>This is a React Component</p>

In this example, the classNames function takes two arguments. The first argument is a string that represents the default classname that should be applied to the element. The second argument is an object that contains the conditions and their corresponding classnames. If the condition is true, the classname will be applied, otherwise, it will be ignored.

Using CSS Modules

If you are using CSS modules in your React project, you can also conditionally apply classnames using JavaScript. Here's an example:

/* Button.module.css */
.button {
    background-color: blue;

.active {
    border: 1px solid green;

import styles from './Button.module.css';

<div className={`${styles.button} ${isActive ? : ''}`}>
    <p>This is a React Component</p>

In this example, we import the styles from the Button.module.css file and use JavaScript to conditionally apply the classes to the div element.

These are some of the common ways of applying conditional classname in React. Choose the one that suits your project requirements and coding style.

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