React native URLSearchParams

React Native URLSearchParams

If you're working with React Native and want to handle URL query parameters, you can use the URLSearchParams API. This API allows you to easily manipulate the query string of a URL, including adding or removing parameters, and encoding or decoding values.

Here's an example of how to use URLSearchParams in React Native:

// Create a new instance of URLSearchParams and pass in the query string
const params = new URLSearchParams('?param1=value1&param2=value2');

// Get the value of a parameter
const param1Value = params.get('param1');
console.log(param1Value); // Output: "value1"

// Set the value of a parameter
params.set('param1', 'newValue');
console.log(params.toString()); // Output: "param1=newValue&param2=value2"

You can also use URLSearchParams to handle arrays and objects as query parameters. Here are some examples:

// Arrays
const params = new URLSearchParams('?colors=red&colors=green&colors=blue');
console.log(params.getAll('colors')); // Output: ["red", "green", "blue"]

// Objects
const params = new URLSearchParams('?user[name]=John&user[age]=30');
console.log(params.get('user[name]')); // Output: "John"

Overall, URLSearchParams is a powerful and flexible API for handling query parameters in React Native. Whether you're working with simple key-value pairs or complex objects and arrays, this API makes it easy to manipulate and encode your data.

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