realtime database get by field

Realtime Database Get by Field

Getting data from a specific field in Firebase Realtime Database is easy and can be done in a few ways.

Method 1: Using orderByChild() and equalTo()

This method involves using the orderByChild() and equalTo() methods to filter the data.

// Get data where name field equals "John"
firebase.database().ref('users').orderByChild('name').equalTo('John').on('value', (snapshot) => {

Method 2: Using startAt() and endAt()

The startAt() and endAt() methods can also be used to filter data based on a specific field.

// Get data where age field is between 18 and 30
firebase.database().ref('users').orderByChild('age').startAt(18).endAt(30).on('value', (snapshot) => {

Method 3: Using once() and forEach()

This method involves using the once() method to retrieve all data, and then using a forEach() loop to filter the data based on the field.

// Get all data and filter by name field
firebase.database().ref('users').once('value', (snapshot) => {
  snapshot.forEach((childSnapshot) => {
    const childData = childSnapshot.val();
    if ( === "John") {

These are just a few ways to get data from a specific field in Firebase Realtime Database. Choose the method that best fits your needs and implement it in your project.

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