shopify liquid logic

Shopify Liquid Logic

Shopify Liquid Logic is a programming language used to develop themes for the Shopify platform. It is a flexible and powerful language that allows developers to manipulate and customize Shopify's dynamic content with ease.

Basic Syntax

The basic syntax for Shopify Liquid Logic involves the use of tags, objects, and filters. Tags are enclosed in curly braces and percent signs, while objects are enclosed in double curly braces. Filters can be added to objects by using a pipe symbol followed by the filter name.

{% tag %}
{{ object }}
{{ object | filter }}

Control Flow Statements

Shopify Liquid Logic also supports control flow statements that allow developers to add conditional logic to their themes. The most commonly used control flow statements include if/else, unless, and case.

{% if condition %}
    // code to execute if condition is true
{% else %}
    // code to execute if condition is false
{% endif %}

{% unless condition %}
    // code to execute if condition is false
{% endunless %}

{% case variable %}
    {% when value %}
        // code to execute if variable equals value
    {% else %}
        // code to execute if no when statement matches
{% endcase %}


Shopify Liquid Logic also supports loops that allow developers to iterate over collections of objects. The most commonly used loop statements include for and cycle.

{% for item in collection %}
    // code to execute for each item in the collection
{% endfor %}

{% cycle 'odd', 'even' %}


Developers can also add comments to their Shopify Liquid Logic code using the following syntax:

{% comment %}
    This is a comment
{% endcomment %}

Overall, Shopify Liquid Logic is a powerful tool for developers looking to customize their Shopify themes. With its flexible syntax and built-in features, developers can create highly customized and dynamic eCommerce experiences for their clients.

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