sitecore rendering paramaters get

Sitecore Rendering Parameters Get

I have been working with Sitecore for a while now, and I have come across the need to retrieve rendering parameters from a rendering in Sitecore. Sitecore provides an API to get rendering parameters, which can be accessed using C# code.

Using Sitecore API to Get Rendering Parameters

The first step is to get the current rendering item using Sitecore's RenderingContext class. We can then access the rendering parameters using the GetParameters() method.

      var renderingItem = RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Item;
      var renderingParameters = new RenderingParameters(renderingItem["Parameters"]);
      var parameterValue = renderingParameters["ParameterName"];

In the above code, we first get the rendering item using RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Item. We then create a new instance of the RenderingParameters class by passing in the Parameters field of the rendering item. Finally, we can access individual parameters using indexing, like renderingParameters["ParameterName"].

Using Sitecore Query to Get Rendering Parameters

We can also use Sitecore Query to get the rendering parameters. We can execute a query to get the parameters field of the current rendering item and parse it using C# code.

      var renderingItem = RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Item;
      var parametersField = renderingItem.Fields["Parameters"];
      var parameterValue = Sitecore.Web.UI.WebControls.FieldRenderer.Render(parametersField);

In the above code, we get the Parameters field of the current rendering item using renderingItem.Fields["Parameters"]. We then use the FieldRenderer.Render() method to render the field value as HTML. We can then parse the HTML to get the individual parameters.


There are multiple ways to get rendering parameters in Sitecore, using either the Sitecore API or Sitecore Query. Depending on the requirement and the context, we can choose the appropriate way to get the parameters.

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