smooth-scroll element into view

smooth-scroll element into view

Smooth scrolling is a technique used in web design to make it easier for users to navigate a web page. It allows a user to scroll quickly and smoothly to a specific element on the page. This is usually done by adding a JavaScript code to the page, which then animates the scrolling motion. To use smooth scrolling, the following code can be added to the page:

// Select the element you want to scroll to
var element = document.getElementById("element");

// Get the current scroll position
var currentScrollPosition = window.scrollY;

// Calculate the target scroll position
var targetScrollPosition = element.offsetTop - 50;

// Smoothly scroll to the target position
 (function smoothScroll() {
    var step = (targetScrollPosition - currentScrollPosition) / 10;
    currentScrollPosition += step;
    window.scrollTo(0, currentScrollPosition);
    if (Math.abs(targetScrollPosition - currentScrollPosition) > 1) {

This code will find the element you want to scroll to, and then animate the scrolling process to smoothly move to that element. The "-50" in the code is the number of pixels you want to subtract from the top of the element, allowing for a bit of padding from the top of the viewport so the element is not too close to the top. If you want to customize the scrolling, you can change the speed of the scrolling by adjusting the "step" value. The lower the number, the faster the scrolling will be. You can also increase the padding by changing the "-50" value to a higher number. Smooth scrolling is a great way to make it easier for users to find and move to a specific element on a page. It's also a great way to improve the overall user experience of a website.

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