symbol in keyword for arrow below

Symbol in Keyword for Arrow Below

If you are wondering about the symbol that represents an arrow pointing downwards, it is called the "down arrow" symbol.

HTML Code for Down Arrow Symbol

To insert the down arrow symbol in your HTML code, you can use the HTML entity code for the symbol:


This will display the symbol as an arrow pointing downwards:

Using CSS to Style the Arrow Symbol

You can use CSS properties to style the appearance of the arrow symbol. For example, you can change the color or size of the arrow. Here's an example CSS code:

div {
  font-size: 24px;
  color: red;

This will change the size of the arrow to 24 pixels and set its color to red:

Alternatively, you can use CSS pseudo-elements to insert the arrow symbol as a background image:

div::before {
  content: "";
  background-image: url("down-arrow.png");
  width: 20px;
  height: 20px;

This will insert an image of the arrow symbol as a background image of the div element:


The down arrow symbol is represented by the HTML entity code ↓. You can use CSS to style the appearance of the arrow symbol, either by changing its font size and color, or by inserting an image of the symbol as a background image.

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