What is Telegrafjs?

Telegrafjs is a modern bot framework for Telegram Bot API which is written entirely in JavaScript. This framework makes it easy to create bots that can handle complex functionalities like inline queries, custom keyboards, and even payment requests.

How does Telegrafjs work?

Telegrafjs is built on top of the Telegram Bot API which means that it uses the API to interact with the Telegram servers. The framework provides a simple and intuitive API to handle incoming messages, inline queries, and other events. Developers can register handlers for specific events and then execute custom logic based on the received data.

The framework also provides a powerful middleware system that allows developers to intercept incoming messages before they reach the event handlers. This feature can be used to implement authentication, rate limiting, and other functionalities.

Using Telegrafjs in your project

Using Telegrafjs in your project is very simple. You can install the framework using npm:

npm install telegraf

Once you have installed the framework, you can create a new bot instance and register event handlers:

const { Telegraf } = require('telegraf')

const bot = new Telegraf(process.env.BOT_TOKEN)

bot.start((ctx) => {
  ctx.reply('Hello World!')


The code above creates a new bot instance and registers a handler for the `start` event. When a user starts the conversation with the bot, it will reply with `Hello World!`


Telegrafjs is a powerful framework that makes it easy to create Telegram bots using JavaScript. With its intuitive API and middleware system, developers can easily implement complex functionalities like inline queries and custom keyboards.

Using Telegrafjs in your project is simple and straightforward. You can install the framework using npm and then create a new bot instance and start registering event handlers. Overall, Telegrafjs is a great choice for anyone looking to create Telegram bots with JavaScript.

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