Uncaught TypeError: children is not a function at InfiniteLoader.render

This error occurs when you are attempting to use a child component as a function. In this case, the child component is the InfiniteLoader component. This error occurs because InfiniteLoader is not a function, rather it is a React component. To fix this error, you should make sure that the InfiniteLoader component is being used properly. For example, you should make sure the InfiniteLoader is being used as a React component and not as a function. You should also make sure that the InfiniteLoader has been imported correctly into the same file in which it is being used. Below is an example of how to properly use the InfiniteLoader component:

import InfiniteLoader from 'react-infinite-loader';

// ...

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  // ...

  render() {
    return (
        <InfiniteLoader />

In this example, the InfiniteLoader component is imported correctly from the 'react-infinite-loader' package and is being used as a React component inside the render function of the MyComponent class. By using the InfiniteLoader component in this way, you should be able to avoid the Uncaught TypeError.

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