use get_json in jstree example

Using get_json in jstree example

As someone who has worked with jstree before, I can definitely help answer this question.

What is get_json?

get_json is a function that allows you to retrieve the JSON data for a jstree. This data can then be used to manipulate the tree or display it in another format.

How to use get_json in a jstree example

The first step is to create the jstree itself. There are multiple ways to do this, but one common method is by using the jQuery plugin. Here's an example:

// HTML element to hold the jstree
<div id="jstree"></div>

// JavaScript to create the jstree
   'core' : {
      'data' : [
         { "id" : "1", "parent" : "#", "text" : "Parent Node" },
         { "id" : "2", "parent" : "1", "text" : "Child Node 1" },
         { "id" : "3", "parent" : "1", "text" : "Child Node 2" }

This creates a simple jstree with three nodes - a parent node and two child nodes. Now let's say we want to retrieve the JSON data for this tree. We can use the get_json function to do that:

// Get the JSON data for the jstree
var jsonData = $('#jstree').jstree(true).get_json();

The get_json function is called on the jstree element and returns the JSON data for that tree. We can then do whatever we want with that data - display it, manipulate it, etc. In this example, we're simply logging it to the console.

Alternative method to use get_json

Another way to use get_json is by attaching it to an event listener. For example, we could add a button to our HTML that, when clicked, retrieves the JSON data:

<button id="get-json">Get JSON</button>

And then add an event listener to that button:

$('#get-json').on('click', function() {
   var jsonData = $('#jstree').jstree(true).get_json();

Now when the button is clicked, the get_json function is called and the JSON data is retrieved and logged to the console.


Using get_json in a jstree example is a great way to retrieve the JSON data for a tree and use it in other ways. Whether you're displaying the data on a different part of your website or manipulating it in some other way, get_json can help you get the job done.

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