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Using the Audio Hook in React

As a web developer, I have worked on several projects that require playing audio files either as background music or as sound effects. Recently, I came across the useAudio hook in React which made it easier to handle audio in my projects.

What is the useAudio Hook?

The useAudio hook is a custom hook in React that allows us to play, pause, and control the volume of an audio file in a React component. It is built on top of the HTML5 Audio API and provides an easy-to-use interface for handling audio files.

How to use the useAudio Hook?

To use the useAudio hook, we first need to import it in our component:

import useAudio from 'use-audio';

Next, we need to call the useAudio hook and pass it the URL of the audio file we want to play:

const [audio, state, controls] = useAudio({
  src: 'audio.mp3',
  autoPlay: false
  • audio: This is the reference to the HTML5 Audio element that is created by the hook.
  • state: This is an object that contains the current state of the audio player (e.g. playing, paused, loading).
  • controls: This is an object that contains methods for controlling the audio player (e.g. play, pause, setVolume).

We can then use these variables in our JSX code to render the audio player:

  <button onClick={}>Play</button>
  <button onClick={controls.pause}>Pause</button>
  <input type="range" min="0" max="1" step="0.1" value={state.volume} onChange={(e) => controls.setVolume(} />

This will render an audio player with two buttons (Play and Pause) and a volume slider. Clicking on the buttons will call the respective methods in the controls object to play or pause the audio. Moving the volume slider will call the setVolume() method to adjust the volume.

Other Ways to Handle Audio in React

Aside from the useAudio hook, there are other ways to handle audio in a React component:

  • Using the HTML5 Audio API directly: This involves creating an instance of the Audio object and calling its methods directly. While this gives you more control over the audio player, it can be more complex to implement.
  • Using a third-party library: There are several third-party libraries that provide audio playback functionality in React, such as React Sound or React Audio Player. These libraries offer more features and customization options than the useAudio hook.

Ultimately, the choice of how to handle audio in a React component depends on the specific requirements of the project and the developer's preferences.

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