Validating Credit Card Numbers Solution
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Validating Credit Card Numbers Solution

Validating Credit Card Numbers Solution

You and Fredrick are good friends. Yesterday, Fredrick received  credit cards from ABCD Bank. He wants to verify whether his credit card numbers are valid or not. You happen to be great at regex so he is asking for your help!

A valid credit card from ABCD Bank has the following characteristics:

► It must start with a ,  or .
► It must contain exactly  digits.
► It must only consist of digits (-).
► It may have digits in groups of , separated by one hyphen "-".
► It must NOT use any other separator like ' ' , '_', etc.
► It must NOT have  or more consecutive repeated digits.


Valid Credit Card Numbers


Invalid Credit Card Numbers

42536258796157867       #17 digits in card number → Invalid 
4424444424442444        #Consecutive digits are repeating 4 or more times → Invalid
5122-2368-7954 - 3214   #Separators other than '-' are used → Invalid
44244x4424442444        #Contains non digit characters → Invalid
0525362587961578        #Doesn't start with 4, 5 or 6 → Invalid

Input Format

The first line of input contains an integer .
The next  lines contain credit card numbers.


Output Format

Print 'Valid' if the credit card number is valid. Otherwise, print 'Invalid'. Do not print the quotes.

Sample Input

5123 - 3567 - 8912 - 3456

Sample Output



4123456789123456 : Valid
5123-4567-8912-3456 : Valid
61234--8912-3456 : Invalid, because the card number is not divided into equal groups of .
4123356789123456 : Valid
51-67-8912-3456 : Invalid, consecutive digits  is repeating  times.
5123456789123456 : Invalid, because space '  ' and - are used as separators.

Solution in Python

import re

def check(card):
    if not"^[456]\d{3}(-?\d{4}){3}$",card) or"(\d)\1{3}", re.sub("-", "",card)):
        return False
    return True

for i in range(int(input())):
    print("Valid" if check(input()) else "Invalid")

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