vue localstore

Vue Localstorage

Vue Localstorage is a plugin which enables Vue.js developers to store key-value pairs in the browser's local storage in a more convenient way. With this plugin, you don't have to write the boilerplate code for getting and setting values in local storage. It also provides two-way binding between the properties of your Vue component and the values in local storage.


You can install Vue Localstorage by running the following command:

npm install vue-localstorage


First, you need to import the plugin in your main.js file:

import VueLocalStorage from 'vue-localstorage'


After importing the plugin, you can use it in your Vue components by defining a computed property with a getter and a setter. The computed property name should match the key under which you want to store the value in local storage.

    <input v-model="name" />
    <p>Hello, {{ fullName }}!</p>

export default {
  computed: {
    name: {
      get: function () {
        return this.$localStorage.get('name', '')
      set: function (value) {
        this.$localStorage.set('name', value)
    fullName: function () {
      return + ' Doe'

In this example, we have defined a computed property called "name" with a getter and a setter. The getter reads the value of "name" from local storage by calling the "$localStorage.get()" method. The setter saves the value of "name" to local storage by calling the "$localStorage.set()" method.

We also have another computed property called "fullName" which depends on the value of "name". Whenever the value of "name" changes, the value of "fullName" is automatically updated as well.

Alternative Usage

If you prefer not to use computed properties, you can also access local storage directly in your methods or lifecycle hooks:

export default {
  mounted: function () {
    this.$localStorage.set('key', 'value')
    var value = this.$localStorage.get('key')
    console.log(value) // "value"

In this example, we are setting a key-value pair in local storage in the "mounted" lifecycle hook. We then retrieve the value by calling the "$localStorage.get()" method and log it to the console.


Vue Localstorage is a convenient way for Vue.js developers to store and retrieve key-value pairs in local storage. It helps reduce boilerplate code and provides two-way binding between Vue components and local storage values.

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